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For the Realtors

With mortgages becoming harder to get, inventory going up, and fewer homes being sold, your client needs to set his or her property apart from the competition in order to sell in a timely fashion. As you are aware, homes and commercial properties that are not properly maintained not only show poorly, but end up with a laundry list of repairs that the buyer wants done after the inspection process is completed.

With maintenance service from The Home Care Club LLC, the property will show better, attract more buyers with curb appeal, and sell faster than those without regular maintenance. Our initial evaluation will reveal most issues that typically come up during the property inspection process. This will give your client a heads-up on what to expect as well as the opportunity to obtain any repairs. After these repairs are made, we will provide a transferable warranty to the new owner.

We can also assist the seller by cleaning out the house or business so it shows its best. For those who are moving, we can disconnect appliances, remove and replace lighting fixtures, and dismantle playground equipment. We also remove any rubbish, clean hard-to-reach windows and light fixtures, service the heat or air conditioning systems, and apply fresh paint so you know that the property will be looking its best when buyers come knocking.

Your client can purchase a special service agreement that is only available to them through you. This agreement allows them to obtain our lowest rate Gold Plan benefits, but paid as the Basic Hourly Plan without signing a pre-purchase agreement. This rate only applies to those who list homes with you or your office. If the listing expires or the property sells, they will lose this special rate.

Want to provide that special gift to the new homeowner? You can pre-purchase hours to give as gifts to those who require things like appliance hook-ups, help in arranging furniture, wiring phones or cable, setting up outdoor playground equipment, or just about anything someone moving into a new home requires. Contact us for additional information and special pricing information exclusively for realtors.

Vacant or Relocation Properties

If you're involved with foreclosure, vacant, or abandoned properties, you know from experience that these properties often become run-down when not continually occupied. Vandalism then becomes a concern for both the bank and those responsible for making sure that the property is protected. Quite often, grass gets higher, shrubs get unruly, and garbage and newspapers begin to collect. With regular visits to the property, we can help keep it looking occupied. We remove trash, shovel snow, and keep the grass cut. We offer board-up services and lock changes for those homes or commercial properties seeking increased security. We can even winterize and un-winterize the property so it can be shown. Typically, our services are billed monthly for this type of work. However, in special circumstances, we will defer billing until the first of the next month after the work is completed.

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