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For the Attorneys

We at The Home Care Club LLC understand that it is important to keep the home sale process moving ahead in a timely fashion. Quite often during the inspection process, you and your client are burdened with many issues that arise because of the inspection report. Many inspectors recommend additional evaluations in areas which they have little or no expertise or do not feel comfortable with providing an exact answer to an issue found during their evaluation. Still, more often than not, repairs are recommended which require someone to visit the house to provide a cost estimate or even repairs before the sale process can move ahead. With many possible areas requiring attention, you can find yourself calling many contractors and companies that either do not understand the process of the sale or are just too busy or unwilling to get involved. For listings of the types of services we perform, click here.

By contacting The Home Care Club LLC, we can evaluate, provide written costs, and make the necessary repairs (if requested) to most of all issues that arise during the inspection process. All our work is warranted for a period of one year and is transferable to any new owner. You no longer need to call multiple companies and make arrangements for the agent to show up at different times to accommodate each company. Once you call us and provide us with the concerns and requests, we contact our list of approved vendors that work closely with us and set up a convenient time in which to meet the person that will let us into the house. Doing it this way keeps all the issues under control, and saves you and your client and agent valuable time and money.

A frequent question often comes up regarding what this further evaluation and estimate service will cost. Some of our follow-up evaluations and estimates do cost money. This amount would be based on the type of service requested and amount of work and time required to complete a written report or estimate of repairs for your client. We can provide an approximate cost of this amount once we know what type of estimate or evaluation you require. Once this report is delivered to your office, we will invoice whoever you decide is responsible for payment. If we end up doing any of the repairs that we have provided written estimates for, we will credit a portion of that back towards the final amount due once the job is complete. In some instances when we are working for the seller, we sometimes find that they are often cash-strapped or circumstances are such that they are unable to pay until closing, so in some instances we will offer some jobs with their payment guaranteed at closing from you. Feel free to contact us for additional information about the services we can provide.

Vacant or Relocation Properties

If you're involved with foreclosure, vacant, or abandoned properties, you know from experience that these properties often become run-down when not continually occupied. Vandalism then becomes a concern for both the bank and those responsible for making sure that the property is protected. Quite often, grass gets higher, shrubs get unruly, and garbage and newspapers begin to collect. With regular visits to the property, we can help keep it looking occupied. We remove trash, shovel snow, and keep the grass cut. We offer board-up services and lock changes for those homes or commercial properties seeking increased security. We can even winterize and un-winterize the property so it can be shown. Typically, our services are billed monthly for this type of work. However, in special circumstances, we will defer billing until the first of the next month after the work is completed.

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