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Six-Month Pre-Paid Plans

How do they work?
These plans are for those folks who do not want to worry about getting things done and having to call to set up an appointment to arrange for these services. Prior to you signing up, we perform a complete home evaluation which takes approximately three hours for the typical three or four bedroom home. During this evaluation, we will take into consideration the age of the home, the requirements of the home because of its age, and your ability or willingness to perform some of the maintenance required yourself. Once this evaluation is complete, we design a maintenance plan customized for your home and your personal requirements. The number of hours required per month and the items you wish for us to cover will help you determine what pre-paid plan you should purchase.

How do you determine what amount of money to charge per month?
This is determined by several factors. Among them are the seasons which the contract will cover, the requirements of your home, and what you want us to do for you. Remember, it's not the amount of visits we show up during each month, but rather the amount of hours we spend that determine the plan selection and cost of the hourly rate. You simply review our report findings and our recommended maintenance schedule, and pick the minimum amount of hours you want to pay for each month.

Can I cancel the pre-paid plan before the six months are up?
No. The pre-paid rate charged is based on us performing a set amount of work hours each month at your business or place of residence. By you canceling this valuable service ahead of time, our service costs go up. You can however, transfer what is left of your contract period to another company or person for a fee of $25.00. Once they have signed an agreement to complete the required amount of hours on your behalf at their home or place of business, your obligation with us ends.

What happens to any unused pre-paid hours at the end of the service plan?
Any pre-paid hours not used are carried over to the following month and can be used as credit for other projects or emergencies that may arise. At the end of the six month contract period, if you decide to continue this service, we will credit you 100% of any pre-paid hours not used towards your first month payment plan purchase only. If however, you decide to cancel this valuable service, you will only receive a credit of any pre-paid hours not used converted over to the current basic plan amount. Unused pre-paid hours may also be transferred to other properties or to friends or family members who need work done. However, this credit must be used within 30 days of transfer and must be within our service area. Otherwise, credit will be lost. A $25 fee is charged for any credit hours transferred.

Who will be doing the work during each visit?
The needs and requirements for the tasks expected to be performed during each visit will determine who will be coming to your home or place of business. While we strive on using the same person during each visit, we will, at our discretion, use other people or companies who we feel will be better qualified to do the work requested. It is our goal to provide only the best person to complete your job.

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