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"Still working with Bob Cameron.
Very professional. We are extremely
pleased with his work to date!"

Jill M. from Short Hills, NJ

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Basic Hourly Plan

How is the $90 per hour rate determined?
Our hourly plan is based on our overhead and ability to pay our employees a decent living wage. This rate may seem high, but consider these facts: We maintain a $1 million insurance policy to protect you as well as ourselves. The variety of services we offer are also very much in-demand. Furthermore, we have various expenses to cover, including our tools, trucks, fuel, auto maintenance, advertising, web presence, and phone and printing costs.

How do I qualify for a discount rate?
Everyone that uses our services qualifies for a discount rate. Anytime a project or service at your home or place of business takes more then four hours to perform, we feel it's considered more then just a handyman project. Because of this, we drop our prices for all the hours worked after the first four hours completed.

How much does the rate drop?
The rate drops to what our Silver Plan members pay: $73.13 per hour worked.

Can the rate drop even more?
No. Unless you purchase our pre-paid Gold Plan, your rate will never go below $73.13 per hour worked.

I want to purchase my own material or I already have something for you to assemble. Are there any hidden charges I need to be made aware of?
Yes. While we encourage all home and commercial building owners to purchase their own materials to save money, there may be extra costs to assemble or construct them. It is very common for someone who purchases something to forget a critical part of the assembly process. On materials we provide, we typically charge a one-time, half-hour fee to pick up any supplies required to perform any of the tasks we do. However, on client-purchased materials, if additional visits are required to complete its assembly or installation, we do charge for additional visits as need be. Although we make every effort not to require multi-visits to the supply or home centers to do a job, in some instances it cannot be avoided as the product we're assembling may be unfamiliar to us.

What if I want to purchase an item and it's too big for me to carry? Do you pick up and deliver?
Yes. For a fee, we will pick up supplies you purchased and deliver them to the job site. This fee varies based on what is being carried as well as the time it takes to pick up and deliver these supplies. We will quote a fee once we know what is being delivered, where it's coming from, and where it's going to.

Do you pick up and deliver supplies even if you're not doing the job?
No. We only utilize our trucks and equipment for those jobs for which we perform the install process.

Do the rates you're charging cover more than one person?
No. The rates we charge are based on one person per hour. If additional manpower is required, we do charge additional labor rates. In many cases, we will have an additional person present while we work. Unless the job cannot be safely completed by one person in a reasonable amount of time, you will not be charged for this person's presence. However, if two people are required to complete the job in a time-saving manner or if the job requires assistance (such as in the case of heavy lifting), the rate will go up accordingly. We will inform you before charging this rate, so you always know what you'll be paying. Note that there are services in which more than one person will be required. For example, entering into areas of limited space, climbing high ladders to clean gutters, and landscaping projects (such as cutting lawns or moving snow) will require an extra hand for safety purposes and to get the job done faster so that we can save you money.

What is the additional labor rate if more then one person is required to do the job?
The labor rate for any additional person(s) depends on the current rate being charged. We add 25% of the current rate for each additional person needed to complete the task.

Do you provide any warranty of your work?
Yes, we do. This warranty covers all labor and materials supplied by us for a period of one year, although some materials supplied by us carry additional limited extended warranties beyond that time. We provide you with all warranty cards so you can submit them to the manufacturer to register as required. However, note that some materials purchased by you, except for lumber and common off-the-shelf items, only carry a 90-day labor warranty from us on our install. These include things like plumbing fixtures, sinks, toilets, bath and kitchen cabinets, and lighting products. We will inform you if the product(s) are not covered by our one-year warranty program in writing, on your invoice. You must on your own obtain any additional product warranty coverage through the manufacturer of the product you purchased in order to be covered. Additional labor fees and costs may apply to repair any item purchased by you for us to install.

The cost of the hourly rate seems expensive. Is there any other way I can save some money?
Yes, there are a few ways to bring this fee down. You could save up the little jobs until the point where a full day or more is required to complete them. This can bring down our hourly rate to a lower fee. You can also purchase a pre-paid plan, which covers multiple visits per month for a six-month period.

Do you charge for written estimates?
Yes, we charge for those who are not pre-paid members.

What do the estimates cost?
Estimate costs are based upon the project being estimated. While we can offer basic verbal cost estimates for basic baths, kitchens, and basements, written estimates take time and become quite detailed, thus the fee is dependent upon a percentage of the total job cost. We do, however, credit a portion of the estimate back within 30 days if we are awarded the job.

Can I get a home evaluation performed on my home if I do not sign up for a six month plan?
Yes, you can. However, we do charge for this. Costs are typically $300 more for homes that are either very complex or over 4,000 square feet in size.

Is there a way to save on this fee if I have work done?
The only way to waive this fee is to credit it towards a six month pre-paid plan. However, you must sign up within 10 days after the report on our findings is delivered to you. Otherwise you will lose the credit.

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