The Home Care Club LLC - Preventive Maintenance and Handyman Service Program
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same day contact and same day came
out to provide estimate. Work was
completed timely as planned."

Customer from Westfield, NJ

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Service Plans

Depending on your personal needs and requirements, you can choose from our available service plans. For each plan, the rates listed do not include NJ sales tax, which must be added to the current fee rates. Prices quoted below are not guaranteed and should be only used for comparison. These prices can vary at any time depending on current local fuel prices, labor costs, and location in which work is to be performed.

Basic Hourly Plan

Our basic hourly plan is $90 per hour billed at a half-hour rate. For all new clients, we charge a one-time $25 processing fee to obtain your information and review your needs over the phone. If we need to obtain additional supplies to do the job, we also charge a half-hour material pickup fee once per job or service visit. Once the service has been performed, an invoice for labor and materials is delivered and due. If you feel your project requires more than a half-day to complete, Contact us for details about a discount rate.

For answers to frequently asked questions as well as specific terms and conditions which may apply, please click here.

Six-Month Pre-Paid Plans

If you don't want to pay the hourly rate, our pre-paid plans are based on a six month contract and the number of hours required monthly to maintain your property. The more hours required, the lower the hourly rate becomes. However, the rate will never go below $57.60 per hour. For each of these plans, you will be invoiced monthly, before the start of each month. Each invoice will also include fees for materials used by us or taken from the Preventive Maintenance Supply Kit during the previous month and any additional hours used beyond your pre-purchased paid amount. You will always pay the minimum of hours per month based on the plan selected.

  • Bronze Plan ( Minimum 2-4+ hours per month; $80.00 per hour )
  • Silver Plan ( Minimum 4-8+ hours per month; $73.13 per hour )
  • Gold Plan ( Minimum 8+ hours per month; $57.60 per hour )

For answers to frequently asked questions as well as specific terms and conditions which may apply, please click here.

Emergency Service and Overtime

Any emergency service work done outside of normal working hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm) is charged an extra emergency rate fee. This fee of $30 per hour is added onto the contract or hourly rate fee normally charged. It is invoiced at a half-hour rate and is due either when the work is complete (for the basic hourly plan) or during the normal billing cycle payment (for the pre-paid plans).

We do not charge overtime for our work performed, as all our work is scheduled daily regardless of when we start or finish. However, overtime fees do apply when unscheduled emergency work is required and the service person is required to stay after 5pm or any time on weekends.