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When it comes to the home and commercial building improvement business, most companies out there do not understand what is required to maintain a home or commercial property, nor do they want to learn. Sure they can fix things, but very few understand the long-term needs that both your home and your property require. This is because only few of the contractors that do this kind of service work actually specialize in it. Oftentimes, they only use this work to "fill-in" between jobs when their work is slow. If you try to contact them when they're busy, few will even get back to you. Consider the following facts:

  • Many families do not have time to do the work themselves due to reasons such as
    a high cost of living, a busy work schedule, or time devoted to their children's or religious activities.
  • Many elderly property owners are unable to keep up with the work due to either the loss of a spouse
    who "did all the work" or the lack of physical ability. These individuals may also have no clue where to begin.
  • Many folks end up selling their properties at a loss or much less than they could have
    because of deferred maintenance issues.

These days, future home maintenance is more important than ever. With the recent market downturn, potential purchasers are demanding homes and buildings that do not have any deferred maintenance issues. They are also looking for upgraded appliances, modern conveniences, and a home or building that is ready to be occupied. Add to that, these recent statistics:

  • 29% of adults do not trust home or commercial building contractors.
  • 25% of adults do not know how to change or maintain their property.
  • 23% of adults do not have anyone to do the work.
  • 22% of adults do not even know how to find someone... Until now.

Established in 2006, The Home Care Club LLC provides maintenance services as a "one call does it all" shop for home and light commercial building repairs, preventive maintenance, and small renovation needs. As a response to the lack of proper contracting and preventive maintenance services, we have developed a comprehensive maintenance and service plan that covers mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, appliance, landscaping, and many other issues. Combine that with current consumer agency safety guidelines, manufacturer services, and maintenance recommendations, as well as our 15 years of professional experience in the building inspection industry, you know your home or building is being evaluated and serviced by the most up-to-date and reliable methods available.

With our extensive property evaluation, we provide you with a report that outlines the attributes and deficiencies of your home or commercial property. You can review this report at any time to help you make better maintenance decisions. By taking necessary action both early and often, you can budget better and almost always save money. Contact us to find out how we can help you protect the most valuable asset you own - your property.